Fine Arts, Sydney in Auckland

Hosted by Michael Lett

7 — 30 July

Fine Arts, Sydney is in Auckland, presenting an exhibition of work from our programme at the invitation of Michael Lett, hosted at their Karangahape Road gallery space.

The exhibition is four new works by each of four artists, each exhibited for the first time. Themes of the exhibition which relate the selected works include transience, distance, and time.

A work by Juliette Blightman comprises a potted plant and sound played through a small speaker. The plant is a ‘Pseudopanax’, which is also the title of the work. The sound is an hour in duration, looped continuously, which includes an ambient recording of a quiet countryside that crescendoes with layers including nightclub music, vocals and the screech of underground trains that peaks on the hour.

A work by Prudence Flint is a pencil drawing on paper of a seated woman eating a banana.

A work by Yona Lee is a sculpture comprising a structure of welded stainless steel tube on the wall with an electric light and lampshade.

A work by Matthew Griffin is a sculpture comprising the slice of pickle from a McDonald’s cheeseburger flung onto the ceiling.

The exhibition is open 7 — 30 July.